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Simplification in an ever faster & more complex world

Diagnostic problem solving and performance improvement services from Simply Consulting, Simply Ltd

Evaluation to action in three weeks

A thorough, fast-paced and non-invasive process giving direction, focus and impact, immediately. Conceived for when strategy, plans and priorities veer off-track. Unexpected outcomes, stalled progress, unadopted change and broken culture.

The healthcheck 360 process

  • Deep diagnostic of the issues, at pace but without distracting from business imperatives or diverting key resources.
  • Understanding of and alignment with the findings and solutions, widespread alignment and support.
  • The right initiatives, in the right order, for the right outcomes and at the right level of ‘disruption’. Immediate impact plus course-corrects for medium-term plans for assured success.
    • Comprehensive and prescriptive HealthCheck design.
    • Consultative non-invasive situation analysis across stakeholders, practitioners, sponsors and customers.
    • Distilled findings, clarity and alignment on origins, recommendations and supported play-back.
    • Short term action, medium term guidance.

    Expect surprises, courageous problem solving for time poor and resource stretched organisations with a genuine desire to get back on track.

    Delivering business change and commercial success Simplification in an ever faster and more complex world

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