About us

In a nutshell...

Simply Consulting, Simply is a unique, independent consultancy that delivers impact through simplification and focuses on unleashing the talent you already have.

Cost effective solutions in days for immediate impact and guaranteed return on your investment. We minimise disruption with our innovative and non-invasive services like HealthCheck 360 & High Impact Transformation creating energy and engagement with our empowering, human philosophy.

We also provide pure-play Consulting engagements and leadership depth in the form of Interim placements.

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Our Sweet Spot

Calling on 20+ years’ experience consulting and in executive leadership roles delivering outstanding results. We focus on Digital Transformation, Ecommerce Effectiveness, Operational Excellence, Content and Data Strategy, Culture Change and Strategic Project & Programme Management.

We also carry academic and professional credentials in Business & Finance, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Project Management and Negotiation Skills.

Beliefs led and human

We offer engagements that are uniquely tailored to you. Focused on simplification, empowerment and practical, attainable outcomes leveraging industry best practice and latest trends.

Run of the mill? Not us, no way

Simply Consulting, Simply ltd is the alternative to costly and lengthy engagements that tie up endless resources, provide generic and predictable insights and trigger a list of priorities so expansive they never deliver.

We will focus on simplification and unleashing your talent. We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions delivered in days for immediate impact, increased engagement and guaranteed return on your investment.

What do people say about us?

“Alan has the rare talent of being able to make the complex simple and delivering this for the client time after time. We have seen the benefit of this approach as the approach delivers both the required business change and a significant ROI in the impact on the digital sales channels”
"Highly recommend Alan for anyone needing digital, content or leadership strategy support".
I had the privilege of working with Alan on a complex, thorny, large-scale "content strategy" project, which could have been called "extreme digital transformation". Navigating that complexity came second-nature to Alan, and his ability to handle the change management side of the transformation was impressive. Not only did Alan quickly grasp the tensions of the strategic and operational content problems, he used his organisational experience to apply his skills and knowledge to the problem at hand. Alan is unfailingly insightful and positive, and I'm confident can ensure that projects get moved ahead in holistic ways.

Simplification in an ever faster & more complex world

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