Even in challenging times its good to be challenged

A great article covering a broad perspective on digital transformation (in the real sense of ‘transformation’ and not the operations online = digital transformation sense). Also some great resources from the authors and their connections. Props to Forbes for this.

The fundamental takeaway for me is that an incremental approach doesn’t cut it anymore, if it ever did. What if no-one ever wanted to be incrementalist anyway. What if its has only ever been the result of the grand priority and budget compromise that organisations go through because they can’t identify and agree on THE thing to drive them forward. Being able to do that requires a ruthless focus on the outcome, thinking in an unconstrained way about how to meet that need and simplification and accountability in how you deliver against that. Compromise (as defined by me) is just the outcome that leaves everyone involved in the discussion mildly dissatisfied with the outcome…

Read the full article here, thoughts in the comments

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